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Quality photos are crucial marketing tools for any home sale. It begins with a home professionally photographed as an important part of effective marketing.  Buyers, sellers and realtors depend on high-quality, high-resolution images not just to sell the home, but to sell it at a higher price, sooner.

Creating high quality imagery is a team effort between the homeowner, the realtor and the photographer.  Homeowners must be involved in the process if professional photographs are to do their job. It really is important. The home needs to be clean and de-cluttered.

Anything distracting from presenting a home in the best manner possible must be addressed. Religious, political, and highly personal items (e.g. family photos) should be removed.

The following checklist is provided for agents and homeowners to help prepare the home to be photo ready. The list is not all-inclusive but does provide a pretty good starting point based on past experience.

In order to show your home at it's best, it is imperative that it is cleaned and well organized!  

Prepare the house as you would for an open house.  If you are a home owner now is the time to start getting ready for your move.  Get rid of things you don't need and start boxing personal items for their journey to your new home.


Please note, due to my schedule I do not have time to move things, or declutter. 

The home should be photo ready at the time of the appointment.



● Clean well and de-clutter!  

● Turn on all lights and make sure ceiling fans are turned off.  Check for burned out light bulbs and replace accordingly

● Open blinds and windows

● Clear kitchen counter tops, and small appliances.  Make sure refrigerator doors have been decluttered of magnets

● Clear bathroom counter tops and shower - toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, etc.

● Lighten up bookcases by removing half the books

● Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

● Make all beds, and tidy bedrooms. Clothes hung, or folded and put away

● Remove stacks of magazines, paper and mail

● Store away phone and computer charging cables

● Remove pet toys, bowls, and beds  Add some decoration with a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers



● Move cars out of the driveway and park in front of the house so that on the day of the shoot we can move them and have an unobstructed view of the exterior

● Remove or hide trash cans

● Sweep driveways and sidewalks.

● Rake leaves, pull weeds, remove dead plants, mow lawn and edge

● Make sure the roof is free  debris

● Please roll up all hoses

● Remove covers from BBQ and pool

● If there are large patches of dirt, cover with mulch to make  more attractive

● Open patio umbrellas or remove, and set out seat cushions

● Please make sure pets are kept away in a bedroom or with a neighbor during shoot

● For twilight exterior shoots make sure all lights are on inside as well as outside.  It is important to make sure all bulbs are functioning!



The more the home is prepared prior to my arrival, the better the images are going to look! Following these guidelines will ensure your house will shine in the listing photos!

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