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WB5 WIFI Bluetooth 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller 5CH Support Tuya Alexa and Google Assistance Voice Control LM091 RGBCCT Remote



The controller is adopted by the most advanced PWM control technology, and has memory function ( The light status will keep same as the status before you tum off the light ). Wireless and 4G controlled by "Tuya Smart" APP.



Product Model: WB5.

Input Voltage: DC12V~24V (5.5*2. 1mm).

Output: 6A/Channel ( Total Output Max. 15A).

Working Temperature: -20~60°C.

Communication Mode: WiFi-IEEE 802. 11b/g/n 2. 4GHz.

RF: 2.4GHz. Weight: 65g.


Please Note:

WB5 is an upgraded version of WL5.

Please use "Smart Life" APP or "Tuya Smart" APP to control WB5.

Miboxer APP cannot be used to control WB5.

If you have purchased WL5 before, you can change the APP to "Smart Life" APP or "Tuya Smart" APP.


SET Button: Long press "SET" 3 seconds, when the purple pilot lamp blinking, the device go into Link/Unlink mode and Smart Link mode.

( Note: Bluetooth control will be available after linking by WiFi APP).

Switching Output Mode: Short press "SET" button to switch the output mode. The Pilot lamp flickering means switching successfully. Different colors flickering correspond to different output mode.


Attention Please:

1. Please check whether the input voltage of the constant voltage power supply is in accordance with the controller, and please check the connection of both the cathode and anode.

2. The working Voltage is DC12~24V, the controller will be broken if the voltage is higher than 24V.

3. Non-professional user cannot dismantle the controller directly, otherwise, it may cause fire and electric shock.

4. The working temperature is-20~60°C. Do not use the device to direct sunlight, moist and other high temperature area.

5. Please do not use controller around the mental area and high magnetic field, otherwise, it will badly affect the control distance.

6.When the device load to 15A, wire diameter must be over 1.5mm.



WB5 WIFI Bluetooth 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller 5CH

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